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Date Milestone References
1998 Open content term coined by D.Wiley
  • Wiley, 2006[1]
1999 First open content license, used in Education
  • Open Publication License, 1999 [2]
TBD OER term coined by UNESCO TBD
TBD First Creative Commons License TBD
TBD First Public Declaration (Cape Town Declaration) TBD
Starts August 2009 First High School based on OER TBD
TBD First University based on OER TBD
TBD First Multi-Country Education Curriculum using OER: Virtual University of the Small States of the Commonwealth TBD
TBD First State OER Initiative (Utah) TBD
TBD First For-Profit Publishing Company based on OER: FlatWorld Knowledge TBD
TBD First Country OER Initiative TBD
TBD First OER Handbook TBD
TBD First OER Non-Profit Association: OpenCourseware Consortium TBD
TBD First OER Non-Profit Foundation: OER Foundation TBD
TBD First For-Profit University to Publish OER: Kaplan Universiity TBD
July 2009 US President Obama Announces Federal OER Initiative for Community Colleges TBD


  1. Wiley, 2006. The Current State of Open Educational Resources. Prepared for the expert meeting on open educational resources. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Centre for Educational Research and Innovation. Online:
  2. Open Publication License, 1999. Online:

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