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This page started in a Learning4Content workshop as a resource to mark significant events in the Open Educational Resources(OER) movement. As an ecosystem, OER has meaningful events that mark its growth. That's what this page is about. OER also has an endless number of people, events and things that make up the ecosystem and contribute to its health and expansion. Those are celebrated in a new OER Birthdays page.

Please share your OER milestones hereand your OER birthdays here and help track the growth of OER worldwide!

Date Milestone
1998 Open content term coined by Wiley, (2006)[1]; first open content license (OpenContent Principles and License) released.
1999 - June Second open content license (Open Publication License) released [2], includes license options concerning attribution, derivative works, and commercial use of materials
1999 - October Connexions project is born at Rice University[3]
2000 - March Nupedia, predecessor of Wikipedia launched by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger[4], using original "OpenContent Principles and License"
2001 - Jan Wikipedia, launched by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger[5]
2002 - July Open Educational Resources (OER) term coined by UNESCO[6]
2002 - December Established in 2001, Creative Commons release the first set of licenses.[7]
2006 - October Open University of the United Kingdom launches OpenLearn[8]
2006 - November FLOSS4Edu launches for African OER[9]
2006 - Feb WikiEducator domain name registered and prototype server installed[10]
2006 - August First Multi-Country Education Curriculum using OER: Virtual University of the Small States of the Commonwealth[11]
2007 - February OER Commons launches[12]
2007 - March First commercial training provider launches OER courses: Novell[13]
2007 - July First U.S. OER College Consortium: Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources[14]
2007 - September First Public Declaration: Cape Town Declaration[15]
2007 September??? First university to adopot CC-BY-SA default Intellectual Property Policy: Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand[16]
2007 - September First US statewide OCW consortium launches, Utah OpenCourseWare Alliance [17], [18]
2007 - November First university to publish over 90% of its courses as OER: MIT OpenCourseware, established in 2002[19]
2008 - February OER Africa launched[20]
2008 - April First global OER Consortium legally established: OpenCourseware Consortium[21]
2008 - July First OER Handbook v1.0 published[22]
2008 - July First For-Profit Publishing Company based on OER: FlatWorld Knowledge[23]
2009 - April First Masters Thesis published as OER [24]
2009 - April First OER Non-Profit Foundation: OER Foundation[25]
2009 - May First-in-U.S. Initiative to Develop Free Digital Textbooks for High School Students: California Governor Schwarzenegger[26]
2009 - May First For-Profit University Publishes OER: Kaplan University[27]
2009 - July US President Obama Announces Federal OER Initiative for Community Colleges[28]
2009 - August First High School based on OER launches: Open High School of Utah[29]
2009 - September First OER University: University of the People[30]

Notes for inclusion and further research

  • UWC and senate approval of the FORE IP policy
  • Version 1 of the Free Cultural Works definition
  • Date of new IP Policy at Otago Poly
  • Date of Otago Poly Council decision to establish the OERF
  • OU Nederlands OpenER first courses launch date (December 5, 2006 according to Robert Schuwer).
  • India Knowledge Commission OER Recommendations
  • Canada Virtual U - Best first year OER project
  • Australia USQ Open OER College
  • Peer2Peer University
  • Academic Earth - first OER value-added service provider?
  • NROC - Monterey Institute
  • Many country firsts among OCWC members (Japan, China, Spain, Korea, Vietnam)
  • The GlobalText Project
  • OpenBC
  • Open Learning Exchange - first OER universal basic education?http://ole.org/
  • Teachers without Borders - first OER teacher training? http://www.teacherswithoutborders.org/ (also see OU UK TESSA project for teachers)
  • First LMS to auto publish OER?


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