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Cecilia Martínez Frausto

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My educational philosophy in English language classroom is to give students as much knowledge as they can handle and push them a little bit further, for example not just ask them to do random sentences, instead of that ask them to write it in form paragraph. Because I learned by pushing myself beyond of the expected. I think it is important to integrate and work in all skills, that is why I am using reading method from a simple reading students can take new words and reuse them into other skills like having discussions in group for speaking, or the task based method to come up with sore kind of product by using the content seen in class, including the four skills. One of the main concepts is interlanguage; as long as students can communicate and understand the necessary is good. It does not matter if they do not do it perfect but they need to do it right for them to communicate their ideas, so the feed back I give, it does include observations about pronunciation and how native speakers talk, but when I see that students really communicate their ideas, I do not mind if it is not perfect. I think procedural knowledge is important because it´s more natural but there are times when I use direct method. It is necessary when I am teaching some basis of language. Nowadays I am still defining my style but in general for natural is better but it´s impossible to avoid the use of old methods like the direct method.

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Action Plan

Use of alternative ways of assessment to prove meaningful learning of a foreing language. State the problem in your topic sentence, then create a classification paragraph that aligns to your topic sentence. The common ways of assesments do not usually provide the necessary information to know if students are getting the necessary knowledge to move on to next topics. After all the most important is to know if teacher is correctly trasmiting his knowledge in order for students can use language sucessfully in real life situations, and so forth the use of new alternative ways is essential to get more information from students and intrept if the teaching method used is really working.


Alternative ways of assessment Remove this title.

Alternative ways of assessment as a meaningful way to evaluate students’ proficiency. For so many years, common ways of assessment as See my feedback on Aug. 31, 2011 about your use of the word "as".
written exams used to evaluate students’ knowledge were the only path to get information about knowledge. Nowadays, Every clause must have a subject and predicate.
exist alternative ways of assessment to get more information of what students are learning and need Review parallel structure:
to reinforce. One kind of this alternative assessment is the portfolio.

You are missing a topic sentence.
O’Malley & Pierce (1996), mention that alternative assessment refers specifically to any non-testing assessment methods which both demonstrate what students can do and inform future instruction (as cited in Stralberg, 2010, p.86) . Watch your spacing in prior sentence. Remove the space before the period.
Even if the written exams are at some point necessary to evaluate students, the use of alternative ways such as portfolios give to students the opportunity to control and change what they need in the whole process of learning and notice what they can do better; Ishii and Baba (2003) evaluation is not stage by stage separately but it is a relationship between classroom context and background, so it is important to mention that evaluation process involves: teacher, students, and factors inside the educational context. Therefore, students can notice their proficiency having physical evidence of what they are doing.

Choose a different sentence connector. "And so forth" is an idiom which is to be avoided and it means "and so on".
And so forth, if the person or student in the case of second language learning is aware of the whole evaluation process that will be notice in their performance. Also the means to evaluate need to really show relevant information of their progress for them to notice how to be better learners and improve certain aspects. Moreover, the portfolio as a alternative assessment takes the learning process as a whole and not in separated and non-related stages. This will help us to provide students with the necessary tools by taking into account the progressive results of each student, trough the innovative instruments as portfolio is.

REFERENCES Avoid writing words in all uppercase lettering.

O’Malley, J. M., & Pierce, L. V. (1996). Authentic assessment for English language learners: Practical approaches for teachers. Boston. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company.

Stralberg, S. (2010). Students, Teachers and Alternative Assessment in Secondary School:Relational Models Theory (RMT) in the Field of Education.The Australian Educational Researcher, 37. Retrieved from:

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