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Contact-new.svg Carolyne Omulando
Carol at the wikieducator workshop held at MMUST 5th-7th Nov 2008
Website:Masinde Muliro Uniersity of Science and Technology
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My sandbox

Who I am

I am a young Kenyan up coming scholar based at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology in Kakamega town, Western province of Kenya in East Africa.

Place of Birth

I was born in Kenya, in a town called Nakuru and brought up in Nakuru and Nairobi towns.


I went to school in the following institutions:

  1. Primary Schools
  • Mama Ngina Primary School
  • Kenyattta University Primary School
  • Eregi Girls Primary Boarding School
  1. Secondary School
  • Bunyore Girls High School
  1. University
  • Moi University

I have a passion for langauge education studies and resarch, more specifically, issues closely related to the study of how human beings acquire,learn and use second languages. In the year 2002 I graduated from Moi University with a Master of Philosophy degree in Langauge Education. I am currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosohpy degree in Language Education at Moi University.


I am married to a lovely man, we have three lovely babies, two sons aged 8 and 3 and a daugther aged 5. I love them all and they have been a great source of inspiration to me as a mother and scholar.


I love reading both academic and fiction materials, watching TV, chating with friends and taking care of my family.


Currently I am a lecturer at Masinde Muliro Uniersity of Science and Technology in the department of Language and Literature Education, in the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences. I am also involved in publication of materials in the area of education, language education and communication skills.


  • Carolyne Omulando, P.O.Box 190, Kakamega