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An Idea

One idea which comes to mind is the development of a an Emergency Management Glossary of Terms for a program I am currently running. 

How this will finally work out I am not sure at the moment, but I am sure that there will be  a number of challenges.

What is Emergency Management?

Within Australia the term Emegency Management (Disaster Management) is often misinterpreted.   If we look at Wikipedia, it provides one a broad overview of what Emergency Management (EM) entails.

Practioners have the opportunity to have their skills recognised through the Australian Quality Framework thought the Public Safety Training Package. Currently there is one specific qualfication which is reflective the skills set required for an EM practioner.  The Advanced Diploma of Public Safety - Emergency Management qualification is targeted at existing practioners. 

For people entering the field there is a Community Safety (CS) learning pathway;

Community Safety Qualification Pathway
Code Qualification
PUA31404 Certificate III in Public Safety - Community Safety
PUA41104 Certificate IV in Public Safety - Community Safety
PUA51004 Diploma of Public Safety - Community Safety
PUA60704 Advanced Diploma of Public Safety - Community Safety
PUA60104 Advanced Diploma of Public Safety - Emergency Management

For those interested in understanding "risk mamagement"  have a look at the "Introduction to Community Risk Management" developed for Volunteers Organisations. This is a free resource.

To find out more of this indeustry sector fee free to drop by and discuss any risk management issues with me.