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My profile

Im currently in the final stages of my MBA at the University of Adelaide which I commenced in January 2007. In 2008, it took a 12 month leave of absence to undertake a Fulbright Scholarship in the United States researching Vocational Education and Training within the Emergency Management / Services sector. The highligh of my 8 months in the US was my invlovement in Dallas Texas in which th City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management established the largest Mega Sehlter in the US for citizens evacuating Galveston and surrounding areas during Hurricane Ike.

The lessons learned from this incident are being fed back into the Public Safety training I deliver in Australia.

Professional background

Developer of the Recognition of Current Competency of Skills process in Australia. The process was validated through Swinburne Univerity in 2006 which saw the introduction of the first faciltiated Public Safety leadership program being offered to volunteers in emergency management roles.

In 2008, I moved to the Australian College of Community Safety to take up the role of Program Manager - Public Safety Leadership Development. ACCS delivers the most comprehensive Public Safety Leadership Development program in Australia, and currently manages the largest single cohort of candidates undertaking Emergency Management training.

I 2008, I was awarded a Fulbright Profssional Scholarship - Vocational Education and Training which enabled me to continue my research into "access and equity to professional training for paid and volunteer emergency services operative" in the united States. This is the longest research project undertaking in the area with a focus on leadership development, succession palnning and organisational sustainability for emergency services leaders.

Reviews are underway with the aim of establishing professional development pathways from vocational training programs into undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.


Graduste Diploma of Business Administration

Advanced Diiploma of Community Services - Volunteer Management

Advanced Diploma of Public Safety - Emergency Management

Advanced Diploma of Public Safety - Community Safety

Diploma of Training and Assessment

Diploma of e-Learing

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Certificate II in Firefighting Operations Certificate II in SES Rescue

So I can deliver a wider variety of skills to volunteers in South Australia, I am in the final stages of completing the following certifications;

Advanced Diploma of Public Safety - Firefighting Management

Certificate IV in ublic Safety - Firefighting Supervision

Certificate IV in Public Safety - SES Leadership

Certificate IV in Public Safety - Leadership

While many will argue gaining so many qualifcations maybe obsessive, to deliver these qualifications in Australia, each facilitator must hold at least the respective Unit of Competency and the lead assessor the qualification. This ensures quality of training delivery and that both faciltators and assessors can walk the talk and demonstrate leading by example.

This is a strength of the Australian Quality Training Framework.

My interests


Developing sustainable Blended Learning environemnts

Knowledge Management within the Emegergency Sevices sector


On the rare occasions one has to relax, I enjoy sitting down and shaing a good bottle of Australian Red wind - a Cab Sav to be precise.

Drag up a chair any time, sit back and relax over a wine and good discussion.

My wiki projects

My optional community service (learning contract) project

100px-L4C-small.png  Agreement
By signing this optional learning contract I will try to complete my training in basic wiki editing skills to achieve the status of a Wikibuddy. In return for this free training opportunity, I will give the gift of knowledge by donating or developing at least one free content resource licensed under a CC-BY-SA or CC-BY license which can be used by myself (and others) on WikiEducator.
Brief description of project

Disaster and Community Resilience Wiki

Develop and test a core framework, a live space where people can go to source information in a time impending impact, or place a request for assistance  Ideally it would be a market driven in that those who want to provide assistance can do so by persuing the needs posted and then matching up what they have to offer.

The core famework would evolve from the recommendations forthcoming in the relaease of the Victorian Royal Commission into Black Saturday, February 2009.

Target date for completion
December 2010  - subect to the Royal Commission findings.
 --Chris Ainsworth 02:03, 31 July 2010 (UTC)

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