Lesson 1:Citing sources

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This is a modified version of a Lesson Plan prepared by the participants ofthe Library and Information Literacy Pilot Project, spearheaded by School Library Services.


Intellectual property issues


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Students will be able to:
  • Accurately cite sources from different media

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Students should have a basic idea about;
  1. copyright and intellectual property;
  2. different sources of information

Intellingences Addressed


  • Visual
  • Musical
  • Logical-Mathematical

Strategies/Questions to Guide Learning

  1. Why do you need to know this information?
  2. Show different media and explain how copyright affects them all.
  3. How to locate the different pieces of information needed for bibliographies e.g. recording year, place, company, etc.


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  • Equipment - Multimedia projector, laptop computers,
  • Media; CDs, DVDs
  • Physical facilities

Instructional Focus/Content Sequenced

MLA format sequence of recording information

Set Induction

Play music of a popular artist using two CDs; one original and one pirated. Question: Do you notice any differences in the packaging of the CDs? Now do you see any difference? How to identify original material.

Description of Activity

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