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Contact-new.svg C. Romain
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Occupation:Systems Librarian
Country:Trinidad and Tobago
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I am a Trinbagonian graduate of the College of Librarianship Wales, often called CLW, pronounced Clue to a non Welsh ear. If anyone is seeking professional qualifications I strongly reccommend the school at Aberystwyth. I still wonder what has becomeof all my colleagues from 1987.[


I am responsible for coordinating the technology used in the libraries of the Educational Library Services Division. My current projects involve automating the school libraries in Trinidad and Tobago, the Library at TT UNESCO and the special libraries within my Division. These are exciting projects which involves close partnerships with the Ministry of Education.
I also enjoy training library staff in the use of the library software, and writing user manuals.


WIKIS IN EDUCATION FOR SCHOOL LIBRARIANS. I am a school librarian at heart having been one for over 16 years. However, I have now moved into the realm of technology and my courses have been technology centred.


Reading of course

John grisham and Terry Pratchet can really entertain me.

Vegetable gardening

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Herb gardening

Butterfly observation


Alexandria Users in the Caribbean

The Wiki lecturer wants us to link to my place of employ. If you wish to view one of the finest websites, here goes; NALIS

I am particularly interested in our staff having direct access to the page,TT Alexandria Bulletins where they will find interesting information.

For training experience, I was directed to Wiki Project

Tutorial guide

My sample lesson plan