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Contact-new.svg Abhisheksingh Summun
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Country:Flag of Mauritius.svgMauritius
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My Profile

Hello everyone! I am Abhisheksingh Summun from Mauritius and its really nice to be on Wikipedia. Hope that this workshop and interactions with people around the world will help me a lot.

Professional Background

I and am currently working as an educator (physics) in the secondary sector. I am presently following a course in Msc Educational Technologies at the University of Mauritius.


I have a holder of a Bsc in Physics and an Educator's License.

My Interests

I love

  • to play football
  • watching television
  • reading books and newspapers
  • take an active interests in politics, newsworthy events and international news.

My Sandbox

My sandbox

Comments from other peers in WikiEducator

Yes, these are good points - constructive criticism elevates, not demeans - and it adds value to both content and individual. - Randy Fisher 19:47, 28 November 2010 (UTC)

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My Contribution (Lesson Plan on Conduction for Lower Secondary)

My Images

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