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About Me

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Writing Practice

Follow the writing course



visa to u.s

Hharzel 6, Netanya,


U.S Embassy,

BEN 6 Street,

Tel Aviv,

Dear Sir,

My name is Bar Oren. I'm writing this letter now to request a visa to U.S.

There are some reasons why I need to come to go to the U.S.

Firstly, I want to go on a trip in your huge and beautiful country. I want to travel to LA, NY, and to Washington and visit tourist sites. Furthermore, I also want to travel to do some business and marketing for my company.

My trip will be for 2 months and then I will come back home.

To sum up, I want a non-immigrant visa for the reasons I gave you.

Yours Truly,

Bar Oren

(Comment.gif: Excellent writing, Bar. However, it's only 107 words. All the compositions need to be 120 words--Nellie Deutsch)


before three weeks we go out to a trip in south israel.the trip was good becuase the site that we visited was excellent.

at firse we arrive the torward the capital that city we was at the place that every jew need to be the Western Wall. we was also at historical site.

after that we arive to the place where we need to sleep at.the place was very good it was fun to sleep at a tent in the middle of the desret.another thing that we did there are sing and dance in the night.

In the next day we stare the day with breakfast at the tent and then start to this day we "swim" in the dead sea and walked in difrent places of gardens.

The three day was very easy we walked in some site and go back home.

to sun the trip was good we was at traffic places and learn new things about our country.


Listening connects us to our Hearing .In our life the ear collect every voice But maybe when we are at lesson it us be hard for us to learn only from listening the teacher.

There are some barriers that make it hard to learn from listening. First it is hard to remember all out the teacher say. Second thing when the teacher talks not all the students listen because there maybe something that attracts their eyes. In addition, it could be that the material that the teacher gives is boring so nobody listens to her or him. But the things that help the student are: notes that students write the things that the teacher says or only write key words. Another way to remember and learn what the teacher says is to record and listen again and again at home. For me, the combination between writing at notes and also ask question at the lesson and record with type make me know the martial. To sum up, from the Listening is hard to learn but there are some ways to know the material in different ways.



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the survey for the project

Survey: 1.Do you like the soccer in u.s? yes or no 2.Do you watch soccer games from u.s on TV? yes or no 3.Do you think that the league in u.s is really interesting? 4.Do you think U.S can be a super power in soccer? Yes or no 5.Do you think that from u.s will go our superstar player that can play in the best team in Europe? Yes or no you think that this 2 question can be in short time? Yes or no you think that they can improve their league in u.s ? Yes or no the general you think that basketball be less popular in the future and the soccer will pass him in the popularity? Yes or no


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Front Page

  • Title of Project
  • Research Question
  • Teacher's Name
  • School Name
  • Your Name
  • Date


  • Introduce the topic and research question or questions
  • Purpose of the project: Reasons for choosing this topic
  • The steps you took in working on the project


Writing the Body of an Essay


  • What solutions or conclusions have you come to.
  • Summary of your work on the topic


  • The process of working on the project
    • What worked and what didn't work for you.
    • What was the experience like for you?



  • Books
  • Internet web sites
  • People you interviewed
  • TV or radio shows


Recording Your Project

  1. TipCam will record a video of your screen
    1. TipCam is a free and useful way to record a PDF file of your Bagrut project.
    2. Upload the TipCam file to BlipTV and add the URL of the embedded code to your Bagrut project.
  2. Generate a PDF file of your Bagrut Project on Wikieducator by going to your page, toolbox, download as PDF, and wait. You can then make a video recording of the screen (PDF) and print your project for the oral bagrut exam.
  3. Video Recording of How to Make a Video Recording of Your Bagrut Project using TipCam and uploaded on BlipTV

The result of the survey: I was asked 20 people

1.yes answer=12 no= 8

2.yes=7 no=13

3. yes=7 no=13

4.yes=11 no=9


6.yes=17 no=3

7.yes=9 no=11

8.yes=16 no=4

9.yes=14 no=6