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  1. Paper titled “Eco-friendly Dyeing of Natural Fabrics Using Discarded Litchi Fruit Peel” published online with Website link: , July 2012.
  2. Paper titled “Antimicrobial Finish on Textiles” published in journal ‘Colourage’, vol. LVIII No. 12, December 2011.
  3. Paper titled “Utilization of Aloe vera for Dyeing Natural Fabrics” published in International Journal ‘Asian Journal of Home Science’, vol. 06(no. 1), June 2011.
  4. Paper titled “Use of Aloe vera for Antimicrobial Finish on Textile” published in Journal of Textile Association, vol. 71 (no.2), July-August 2010.
  5. Paper titled “Jamdani – Figured Muslins of Varanasi” published in book of papers, “Excellence in Home Science” based on Two day National seminar held at Arya Post Graduate College, Panipat on 24th -25th September, 2010.
  6. Paper titled “Use of Discarded vegetable or fruits peels for imparting colour on cellulosic and protein fabrics” published in Proceedings of National Conference ‘The Environment Today: Issues and Challenges’, held at V.M.L.G. College , Ghaziabad on 19th and 20th Nov 2010.
  7. Paper entitled “Natural Dyes: For an Eco-Friendly Environment”, published in the Proceedings of National Conference held at V.M.L.G. College, Ghaziabad on 19th and 20th Nov 2010.