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  1. Paper titled “Fragrance Finishing on Bamboo Fabric”, presented in the ‘8th International Conference on Apparel and Home Textiles’, 2012, organized by O.G.T.C. at National Habitat Centre, New Delhi.
  2. Paper titled “Utilization of Discarded Fruit Peels for Dyeing of Textiles to Sustain Healthy Environment”, presented (Poster) in Indian Science Congress 2012, Environmental Science Section, organised in KIIT, Bhubaneswar, Orissa.
  3. Paper titled “Ecofriendly Dyeing of Natural Fabrics Using Discarded Litchi Fruit Peel”, presented (Oral) in National Conference ‘Sustainable Development - A Collective Vision’, October 2011, organised by I.H.E., University of Delhi.
  4. Paper titled “Use of Discarded Vegetable or Fruits Peels for Imparting Colour on Cellulosic and Protein Fabrics”, presented (Oral) in National Seminar “The Environment Today: Issues and Challenges”, November 2010, organized by V.M.L.G. College, Ghaziabad.
  5. Paper titled “Anti-microbial Finishes for Textiles”, presented (Oral) in National Seminar ‘Quality of Life: Challenges Ahead’, October 2010, organized by Deptt. of Home Science, Mahila Vidyalaya Degree College, Lucknow.
  6. Paper titled “Jamdani – Figured Muslins of Varanasi”, presented (Oral) in National Seminar ‘Achieving Excellence in Home Science- Changing Needs and Future Directions in 21st century’, September 2010, organized by A.P.G. College, Panipat.