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Avuavu DLC

Contact-new.svg ROY ATU
Website:Solomon Islands SchoolNet
Occupation:Supervisor DLC AvuAvu Station
Other roles:Computer/Maths Teacher
Nationality:Solomon Islander
Country:Solomon Islands
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My Sandbox

This is my contribution for the L4C1 workshop Usefulness of technology in my place

Pesonal Details

  • Name  : ROY.ATU
  • Home  : Kuma Village
  • Province  : Guadalcanal
  • Country  : Solomon Islands
  • Profession : Supervisor DLC Avuavu Station

My Community


Traditional Ceremony

The people that make up the populations of the region from where I come from are mostly chritains,nevertherless the lives of these pleople still revolves arould the traditions and culturals values and beliefs.

Distance Learning Centre Projects

DLC Opean day

(Comment.gif: Hi -- I see that you are making excellent progress on the Avuavu page. All you need to do now is transfer and demonstrate these skills on your user page. Pretty soon you'll have a certification on your page. Keep up the good work -- initially the wiki syntax seems strange, but you'll get the hang of this pretty soon. --Wayne Mackintosh 06:15, 19 February 2008 (UTC))