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Arron is out right now playing in his sandbox! Leave him a message and he will get back to you when he gets in.

Things Arron Could be doing in the Sandbox:

  • Making sand castles
  • playing with his trucks
  • digging the deepest hole you have ever seen
  • designing a city
  • practicing editing his wiki!

Features and Elements Arron likes about Wikis so far:

  1. The ease of collaberation
  2. how easy it is to navigate
  3. getting published on the Web!

And Now for Something Completely Different!

External Links:

Arron's Alma Mater

Internal Links:


Work shop schedule

Internal Wiki Links (Links from other wikis)


  • Linked from wikipedia
  • wikipedia:Dog or w:Dog


  • Linked from Wikiversity
  • Wikiversity:Rhetoric or v:Rhetoric

Greetings and Farwell in Japanese

  • Linked from Wikibooks
  • Wikibooks:Japanese_Phrasebook/Greetings_and_farewell or b:Japanese_Phrasebook/Greetings_and_farewell
    • for some reason this wiki link isn't working!!! grrrrr.....

Wikiquote example

"I hate writing. I so intensely hate writing — I cannot tell you how much. The moment I am at the end of one project I have the idea that I didn’t really succeed in telling what I wanted to tell, that I need a new project — it’s an absolute nightmare. But my whole economy of writing is in fact based on an obsessional ritual to avoid the actual act of writing" -Slavoj Zizek

  • Linked from Wikiquote
  • Wikiquote:Slavoj_Zizek or q:Slavoj_Zizek

Images I Like, and then some....

Images taken from wikieducator:



Images take from Wikimedia Commons:





Mantegna Tarocchi E23, Rhetorica.jpg

Images I have up loaded:

Sophie being funny.jpg

Photo Manipulation Practice:

This is my first thumbnail

My first framed image!!!

Resized image to 350 pixels wide:

John Gower world Vox Clamantis.jpg

Resized image to 500 pixels high:

John Gower world Vox Clamantis.jpg