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                                                                                                     HUMAN GENETICS

Time: 3 Hours Maximum Marks: 50

                                                                                                   (ATTEMPT ALL QUESTIONS)

Q1. (a) Fill in the blenks: (1X3=3) (i) Certain sequences in the DNA are able to move from place to place in the genome by ________. (ii) In _________ two gene pairs that are present on different loci but influence the same trait, interact to some totally new trait or phenotype that neither of them by itself could produce. (iii) The phenomenon of inheritance of genes together is ________.

(b) Give the role plated by the following scientists. (1X4=4) (i) Sutton (ii) De vries & Correns (iii) Morgan (iv) Stern

(c) Differentiate between the following terms: (3) (i) Genotype & Phenotype (ii) Enhancer & Promoter

(d) What phenotypes and ratios would be expected from the following crosses? (i) C+Cch X C+Cch (ii) C+Ch X C+ c ……….. Rabbit fur (iii) RrPp X RRpp (iv) RrPp X rrPp …..……Comb type in poultry (4)

Q2. (a) How does underwound and overwound DNA differ from each other? How do the two classes of Topoisomerase differ?

(b) Describe the course of evolutionary events that are thought to give rise to multiple gene family, such as those that encode the globins. How could these events give rise to pseudogenes? How could they give rise to proteins having entirely different functions?

(c) Taking the example of globin gene, explain the structure of a Gene. (3, 3, 3)

Q3. (a) What are the four major classes of abnormalities in chromosome structure?

(b) What is the difference between Genetic and Physical maps? Do the two always correlate with each other?

(c) What is FISH and Chromosome painting? (3, 3, 3)

Q4. (a) How do you explain “Infectious inheritance” in paramecium?

(b) What is Bombay blood group?

(c) What is Rh incompatibility? What complications can arise out of this? How to overcome this problem? (3, 3, 3)

Q5. (a) What is the correlation between coefficient of coincidence & Chromosomal interference?

(b) Explain ant three limitations of Cis-Trans complementation test.

(c) Explain the ratio of 9:7 in case of complementary gene. (3, 3,3)