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Contact-new.svg Ann Foreman
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Website:English with the Finglies
Blog:Encouraging learner autonomy
Employer:British Council
Occupation:EFL Teacher, ICT Coordinator, Educational software developer
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My profile

I was a director and editor of TV programmes in England before moving to Spain to work as an English language teacher. My main interest is exploring the use of new technologies in language learning. I received a grant from the Basque Government to produce English with the Finglies, a CD-ROM designed as a teaching-aid for primary school children learning English. This won the Basque Government’s Miguel Altzo Award for the best educational software produced in 2004. I also currently work as the Information and Communication Technology Coordinator at the British Council in Bilbao.

My interests

  • OERs and networking with educators to share educational resources
  • Designing interactive learning materials
  • Artificial intelligence and how consciousness develops
  • Language development

My aims for the course

  • Design a web project that involves teachers and students in collaborative learning (will define the details later)

My blog and email

My encouraging learner autonomy blog

My sandbox
OER proposal

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