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Assignment No. 1

Q1. IF 10111010 is a signed binary number, what is its decimal equivalent?

Q2. Find the Gray code of the binary no. 101101101? What is the significance of the Gray code?

Q3. What range of signed and unsigned values can be represented in 8 bits?

Q4. Add 78910 to 18310 in 8421 BCD

Q5. (355.125)10 = (x)8 = (y)16 = (z)2 Find x y and z.

Q6. Subtract 10011.11 from 1000001.0001 using 1’s complement and 2’s complement method

Q7. Find the decimal equivalent of (AE4)16

Q8. ) Perfor Perform 2’s complement subtraction on decimal numbers using 8 bits 4210 - 9010

Q9. Which code is referred to as ‘REFLECTIVE CODE’? Why?

Q10 Perform XS3 addition

Q11. Differentiate between LCD and LED

Q12 Express 7892 in BCD 2421 and Excess-3 code.