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MIHU is an organisation development too I tried to experiment in my previous organisation to strengthen the work culture of helping each other.

The proposed game plan was the following:

  1. In an organisation, anyone who has time to support colleagues in their work on a particular day may send a group email to the team with the subject '''MIHU'''.
  2. In the message body the sender notes 'from what time to what time' the sender can spare time.
  3. On some days, individuals may feel increased interest on certain areas/topics. If so, the sender can specify special interest as well.
  4. If we are out of station/office and the offered help would be online, then the sender can specify it.
  5. Support can also be offered in a flexitime mode, that is, in an extended time frame wherein the sender will fulfil the help request.
  6. The sender shall not have any procedural/legal obligation over the support provided. Everything will be informal and friendly. THE ONLY GOLDEN RULE WILL BE HONESTY.
  7. Those need support can respond to the MIHU offer and take support.

The most interesting thing about this tool is, instead of the normal way of seeking support, here we offer support. Thus those who need support are freed from the concerns of liking, workload etc of the colleagues while asking for a help. This may not be suitable for all organisations. Similarly the implementation strategy may also have to be modified depending on organisational environment. Perhaps, it can be used to facilitate voluntary social works also - both on-line and off-line.

Even when our vacations are spoiled by some unforeseen reasons, we will be able to use the above creative opportunity to maintain positive spirit by supporting others.

Friends, please try out and share your experiences. You can also develop and share modified versions of MIHU. Some of you have laready attempted similar initiatives. Please share it as well.