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Mr. Amado Chan

Contact-new.svg Amado Chan
Employer:University of Belize
Other roles:Literary Critic, Poet, and Conductor of TV Program
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Amado, the Belizean Poet, welcomes you to his world--seeking to reinvent itself from the memories of our ancestors.

The Art and Craft of Poetry

Exploring the Art of Poetry

Michael Bugeja and Other Contemporary Poets

  • Saul Williams
  • Yasser Musa
  • Vidaluz Meneses
Exploring the Craft of Poetry

Breaking the Cycle

Natalie Goldberg and Other Contemporary Poets

  1. Ana María Rodas
  2. Blanca Castellanos
  3. Diana Espinal Meza

Exploring Silence

Maximum Impact with Minimal use of Words

Unsexing your Voice

Whereas we live in a world that has been transformed by history and technology, we find ourselves on a persistent quest to bridge the gap between our generation and that of those who walked ahead of us along these same paths.
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