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Research Question

my presentation

Why do people have nightmares and where do they come from?


Every normal person has bad dreams. Bad dreams or nightmares make you feel scared, anxious or upset. While you sleep your brain doesn’t turn off. You have several stages of sleeping. The main stage of sleeping is Rapid Eye Movement. Rapid Eye Movement is when your eyes move back and forth under your closed eyelids. If you wake up during this situation it is easier for you to remember what you dreaming about. The longest period of the REM is towards morning. That is why your most colorful dreams and nightmares occur in the early morning hours.

Why do I get nightmares?

Many things that happen to you during the day may turn the dreams to nightmares. The way we relieve our pressures is the nightmares. This means that we usually need to deal with our problems at one time or another, like problems at school, or problems at home, or any other problem in your life. Sometimes major events can cause to a nightmare, things like illness or death of someone we loved, those things cause u stress that leading you to nightmare. Another thing that may cause to nightmares is watching scary movies on T.V or to reed a scary book before going to bad, or any other scary things you heard or saw. Sometimes while having high fever, you may have nightmares. Certain medications also can cause to nightmares. When those thing happens notice your parents and your doctor about it.

How can I prevent nightmares?

It is important to emphasize that every normal person have nightmares once in a while. But there are some ways that you can try to deal with it. The first step of dealing with, it is to go to bad in the same hour every day, and avoid getting naps during the day. You need to avoid scary movies and scary books. The second step of dealing with nightmares is to go to sleep with toys or something you have connection with them. The third step of dealing with nightmares is to use a nightlight. If you awake from a nightmare you will be able to recognize your room, and to notice that you are in the real world and you shouldn’t be scary anymore. The fourth step of dealing with nightmares is to keep your door open in order to remember that your family is close to you.

What if the nightmare don’t go away?

Most of the time nightmares aren’t a big problem. Its O.K to tell your parents about your nightmares, just to talk about your nightmares, can help you to feel better. Some kids “rewrite” their nightmares by giving them happier outcomes. For example draw a picture of the bad dream and then rip it up. If you have frequent nightmares you need to deal with counselor or a psychologist. You can visit a doctor too.

Remember that nightmares are not real and they can’t hurt you.




  1. Did you have a nightmare?
  2. Where did the Nightmare come from?
    1. after a scary movie
    2. after tragic accident
    3. when you see things that you are afraid of
    4. after you heard scary story
    5. without any reason
  3. Do you remember your nightmares after you wake up?
  4. Do the nightmares influence about your life?


In a survey I conducted, I found that 93% of the people had nightmares.

23% from the people got nightmare after a scary movie. 8% from the people got nightmare after a tragic accident. 19% from the people got nightmare after when they saw something that might be scared them. 4% from the people got nightmare they heard scary story. 46% from the people got nightmare without any reason.

I asked people who remember their nightmares after they wake up, and this is the results: 89% remembered their nightmares. On the other hand 11% didn’t remember their nightmares when they wake up.

I wanted to know if the nightmares influence those people life and I found that only 11% are influence from their bad dreams

I will print out all the project and show you because I cant put here pictures