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(Comment.gif: Great work, Alfredo. I see you have been busy working on your skills!! Well done. I have given you a level 2 certification. Warm regards, Patricia)

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Contact-new.svg Alfredo Varela
Occupation:Engineer / Instructor
Nationality:Canadian / Colombian
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Today is: 6, October 2022


Day 1

Alfredo Varela

My name is Alfredo Varela Lopez. I am an Electronics Engineer and teacher. I worked in the Telecommunications field for many years and taught different courses on that matter in Colombian universities for ten years. Currently I am working in Canada in the Information Technology field.

I got a Certification as Teacher of Adults from Centennial College in Toronto. I have taught some distance learning IT courses for employees at the companies where I have worked for.

Day 2

My WikiEducator account is Alfredov

The Online Survey was submitted

Day 3

I practiced using the editing mode and the published mode

Day 4

My Sandbox was created

Currently I am still looking a topic to use for developing the content in Wiki format. I visited the Spanish section on this site and after that I made the decision to contribute translating some pages from English to Spanish.

Day 5

  • This is an internal link to my Sanbox page:
Click here to go to my sandbox
  • And here I have an external link to a very useful page:
Streaming Web Site for Teachers

Day 6

Pictures from Toronto:

A thumbnail


A 300x225 pixels image

My neighborhood

Day 7

The REVERT exercise with a pseudo vandal entry was done

Day 8

I practiced the Discussion topic leaving personal messages to three of my peers in this class and replying to the messages I found in my page

Day 9


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Web Resources YouTube OpenLearn Nova the Elegant Universe GoogleEarth Lessons

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As a complement to the information received in this course, you should download two of the following podcast:

  • Podcast one
  • Podcast two
  • Podcast three
  • Podcast four

(Note: this is only a simulation, as you can see there are not real links to any podcast)

Day 10

Examples of Subpages and Templates were created in my sandbox

I started my activities as a WikiNeigbour

Recent Activities

Created templates Objetivos and Actividad in the Wikieducator Spanish Portal