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Brief Description of Me....

My name is Aoaniu Lesa, but you can contact or call me "Niu". I am the coordinator for Wiki participants in Samoa for the last 3 groups under the supervision of the VUSSC Team. I am so fortunate for this valuable opportunity to be part of the Wiki Team in Samoa. I am also Certified Wiki Apprentice Level 1 by Mackiwg

Certified Wiki Apprentice Level 2 awarded by Mackiwg

My Closer Links....

TheL4C Group 3-2009 Think deeply
TheL4C Group 3-2009 That's me and Tepora Wright

My Group 3 Training Links

TheL4C Group 3- 2009David Asi and Wong Kee Siaosi
TheL4C Group 3-2009 Pretoria Lauina Toa and Peta Matale

My External Links

  • COL
  • NUS
  • [1](2nd Samoan Workshop - 23 & 24 March 2009)
  • [2] (3rd Samoan Workshop - 25 & 26 March 2009)
  • [3] (News Item on NUS website)

L4C-Alumni [Teacher Collaboration Forum]

My Training Images....

TheL4C Group 3-2009 Bring it on

My Comments....

Really appreciated the great effort shown and the sharing of your expertise with us all. Thank you so much Dr Wayne Mackintosh....

My Associated Files ....

C:\\Aoaniu\Documents\Namibia_National ODL Policy (2).DOC (200KB)
C:\\Aoaniu\Documents\Namibia_National ODL Policy_Costing.doc (881KB)
C:\\Aoaniu|Documents\TheGambia_Education Policy.doc (42KB)
C:\\Aoaniu\Documents\Trinidad_Tobago_ODL Policy.doc (173KB)
C:\\Aoaniu\Documents\CFDL Strategy v6 er.pdf (1,002KB)
C:\\Aoaniu\Documents\CFDL policy v6 er.pdf (693KB)

Inservice Design and Technology

C:\\Aoaniu\Documents\Inservice Preservice_Design and Technology_TOR 40.doc

Alesa 00:40, 28 March 2009 (UTC)