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Alby, your first draft was a three-paragraph essay which is what you were asked to write. How do you now have four paragraphs?

Why speaking L1 affects to second language acquisition in classroom learning in young adults level 1? In fact, it is so common that students use their native language in the classroom, while they are starting to learn a second language. The main reason students do not use L2 in the classroom is because they feel shy when they try to use it. They feel embarrassed because the most advanced students; mock or make fan about the way they are using the second language. In consequence Review sentence connectors., they do not want to participate any more. When students prefer use L1 rather than L2 they are missing an enormous opportunity to increase their ability to speak L2. This is a huge problem that teachers face every day. What is the main idea of your essay? Articulate this one main idea in your thesis statement. Perhaps you can discuss a strategy or strategies for getting ELLs to use the L2 more in the classroom.

What's the main idea of your paragraph?Type your note here. Students do not know they affect their own knowledge when they use L1 instead of use L2 so, they do not take advantage about use L2 in the classroom. In this case, teachers have a lot of techniques and methods to motivate or encourage them to use L2. “It is hypothesized that proficiency can transfer from L1 to L2 if there is adequate exposure to L2 and motivation to learn L2”. (L1 literacy affects L2 pronunciation intake and text vocalization, 2005) You should merge this paragraph and the next into one body paragraph. Remember, you were asked to write a three-paragraph essay: introductory paragraph, body paragraph, and concluding paragraph.

Speaking the language that students are learning is crucial for them in order to get better L2, for that reason teachers have to avoid use L1 in the classroom, even if students do not understand (for example instructions) they have to do everything for example realia, mimic, gestures, etc. in order to explain it. “A longstanding orthodoxy for language teachers trained in the communicative tradition has been to avoid all use of the learners’ first language in class, or at least to use it as little as possible”. (First and second language knowledge in the language classroom, 2010)

L1 are affecting the acquisition of a second language in a classroom. Over all students from first levels, they use almost all the time L1 in order to have communication with their peers or with their teacher. Some teachers encourage students to use L2 in the classroom even they feel shy at time to use L2. Teachers have the power to encourage students to use L2 in the classroom, if the majority uses L2, at the end all of them will speak just in L2. How teacher encourage its students, is the way they will learn and the problem can be a problem anymore.


Horst, M., White, J., & Bell, P. (2010). First and second language knowledge in the language classroom. International Journal of Bilingualism, Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

Walton, M. (2005). L1 literacy affects L2 pronunciation intake and text vocalization. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, . Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

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