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Lesson: Internet services

Micro- teaching: Evaluation of web pages and information

Aims, Objectives & Expected results

The introduction of network and its basic services.

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  • Knowledge
To learn how to evaluate the contents of the web pages and the outcomes of searches in the internet
  • Skills
To be able to evaluate info found on web pages correctly checking the credibility and the reliability with specific criteria
  • Attitude
Encouraging learners to use the internet to find information both at work and in personal life

Expected results
a, b,c .


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They must have basic skills in Personal Computers and are accustomed using:

  • the internet and
  • pc’ browsers.

Teaching Aids

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Teaching Aids
  • Obligatory:
  1. Web browsers installed on the computers
  2. White board and Markers
  • Optional:
  1. Interactive Whiteboards
  2. Projectors

Descriptions/ Steps


1st. Introduction, advice organizers, lecture-presentation
2nd. Working in groups
3rd. Discussion about their work – questions & answers
4th. Opening the Web browser and check web pages using specific criteria -->(1st)
5th. Taking notes or Complete their data sheets, if any. Close the browsers
6th. Discussion.


  • presentation (1st)
  • sample of some suitable questions(2nd)
  • "translation" checking

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