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Contact-new.svg Adriana Hollenbeck
Adriana Hollenbeck, Brazil
Blog:Adris Creations
Employer:St.Bernard's Catholic School/Pontifical Catholic University - Rio de Janeiro - EduKBr
Occupation:Daycare Director/Research Team-Website Content Developer
Other roles:Learner
Country:Flag of Brazil Brazil
Flag of USA United States of America
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My sandbox

(Comment.gif: Great start Adriana - yes, WikiEd needs your help for visually interesting artifacts! Remember to save in open formats....resized your photo below....there's incredible power and flexibility in the Mediawiki software....check out the syntax for your photo!)

About Me

My Interests

I am Adriana Hollenbeck, some people call me Adri. I am 40 years old, married to Brian, Nicholas' mom. I was born in October in sunny Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I had a spring birthday.

In Rio I went to Art College and worked as a teacher/principal until the day Brian and I decided to get married and I moved to Wisconsin. Now I have a fall birthday!

I am part of a Research group for the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio called EduKBr and that allows me to teach from here. Isn't internet an awesome thing?

Art is a passion. I think creative people make this world a better place and that's why I try to be one of them! I started scrapbooking when Nicholas was born and not too long ago I decided to start doing Digital Scrapbooking. After purchasing some kits and elements I decided it would be worth trying to create my own and now I just can't stop playing with Photoshop and Illustrator.

I love reading, cooking and watching good movies. I play Wii with Nicholas but I am not too good. I miss the ocean and wonder how did I dare to take it for granted for so many years? Elephants and dolphins are my favorite animals. I like frogs and butterflies too! Black is my favorite color! I miss mom's food and my parents' company. I also miss my sister Renata and her family. I am thankful for Skype and all the other gadgets that allow us to keep in touch. My Portuguese is way better than my English but it won't stop me from writing and talking! Too bad you guys can't hear my accent!!! I enjoy life, I love my wonderful husband and our loving son! Nicholas is our best project and he makes us better people!

I design for digital Scrapbook Stores. I have products here:

My Blog & Website Info

I am a content developer and designer as well.

Thanks a lot!


My Pilot Project

I am not quite sure about that yet but I would love to work around something able to help teachers and students to create visually interesting material. Pictures are so powerful! How can we use them not just as something we add to a content but making it part of the whole thing. Images, shapes, colors... image editing software... School memories, journals... well... something around that!

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  • Hola Adriana Welcome to WikiEducator, We share the love for editing images!. I will learn lots from you. Cheers.--Gladys Gahona 18:57, 29 April 2009 (UTC)

Hi , I'm your WikiNeighbour. Please let me know if I can be of any help to you.Nedal Shatat