StatTutor: Prevented recurrence of depression (Question 1)

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Description of activity and Excel instructions: StatTutor -- Which of the drugs (if either) was more successful in preventing the recurrence of depression relative to the placebo? (Question 1)

Dataset: Direct link for depression.xls not available.

Create a table of counts and a table of percents

  • Highlight the block of columns containing the variables and data.
  • Click Data > DataPilot > Start....

The Select Source dialog displays.

  • Click Current selection.
  • Click OK.

The DataPilot dialog displays.

  • Drag and drop the explanatory variable into the Row Fields window.
  • Drag and drop the response variable into the Column Fields window.
  • Drag and drop the relevant variable into the Data Fields window.
  • Revise the Data Fields variable so it will display Counts.
  • Expand the dialog box and specify where to put the two-way table.
  • Click OK to exit the DataPilot dialog.

You should now have a two-way table that shows the cross tabulation for the two variables, including row and column totals. Make note of how the datapilot function has accounted for missing responses.

Create a second table in which the entries are percent of row. (Note that you can edit the first table and then to save a second version, select a different location for the revised table).

Now you have the data to inform an interpretation of results.

Return to the "Report Results" StatTutor page to complete the interpretive exercises. (Be sure to include the data, that being the numbers and percents from the two tables, in your description of the results, but save your thoughts on what the results mean for the conclusions section.)