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The following guidelines will help you prepare for your participation in the Statistics class:

  1. OLI Account: Once you have decided to participate in this course, email the course teacher to receive the "admit code." Enter the admit code at the Open Learning Initiatives website, and follow instructions to register for the course.
  2. Statistical Software: Exercises in the online course are designed for use with Microsoft Excel. However, we provide instructions and support for students using Calc. If you do not already use products, consider downloading the most recent package from the website.
  3. Prework: Before beginning the course, you may want to review how to use a spreadsheet, including working with cells, formulas and functions, and creating charts. See the following, dependent on which spreadsheet application you will be using:
    • Spreadsheets with 3.x Calc - chapters 1-3, 7 and 8 (Although the documentation is still in draft, these chapters appear complete. Email the course teacher if you have any questions.)
    • Excel tutorials vary depending on the version of Excel. There are many thorough tutorials available free on the internet. You will not need to cover all topics. Review an introduction, entering, editing, and formatting data, creating charts and graphs, using functions and formulas, and the pivot table function. Email the course teacher if you would like help in identifying a tutorial to use.
  4. Notebook/Journal: Set up your notebook/journal. (See the description of the notebook/journal in the syllabus).