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Intro biology

PLC biology syllabus

Original offering: Intro biology labs

Course held Feb 2011 to May 2011 for high school students who do not attend school.

The following sections include notes describing the labs performed.

Students: Stephanie, Ted, Julian, and Fatimah

Listing of biology labs

Lab sessions

  • Lab 3: DNA extraction (Mar 7)

Introduction session (Feb 9)

  • Background: discuss with students how they are studying biology. Discuss whether students have studied or plan to study the following:
    • Cell biology
    • Respiration
    • Photosynthesis
    • Molecular genetics
    • Cell reproduction
    • Mendelian genetics and mutation
    • Population genetics and evolution
    • Animal systems and homeostasis
  • Labs:
    • Pre-read background material and lab procedure
    • Organize into two sets of pairs
    • Perform lab
    • Lab write-up -- discuss report specs (copy for each)
    • Feedback on lab report
  • Organization: discuss options for communication of meetings, prep work,, moodle, google docs
  • Issues:
    • Dissection - one of the labs we could do could be a fetal pig dissection. Any interest?
    • Microscope - I have one, but it will be useful to have another for some labs. Anyone have access to one they could bring?