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At a Glance
Short Name : UT
Motto : Making Higher Education Open to All
Established: 1984
Chancellor : Prof. Ir. Tian Belawati, M.ED, Ph.D.
Vice-Chancellor/CEO: several persons
Staff strength :
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Other Staff:
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Students Strength: 639.049
Location : Tangerang, Indonesia
Campus : Jalan Cabe Raya, Pondok Cabe, Tangerang 15418
Website : http://www.ut.ac.id/

About the University

Universitas Terbuka (UT) is the Indonesia's 45th state university, and is the only university dedicated to distance learning, serving students residing in various locations throughout the country. Generally, UT offers two types of courses, i.e., those designed for prospective participants with high-school level qualifications, and those specifically intended for in-service teachers. Most of the courses require high-school level qualifications. The teacher-education courses are intended for in-service teachers in primary and secondary levels. There is no age limit to enroll in UT courses. Since 2003 UT offered graduate studies in management and public administration. At the initial stage, the graduate study programs is offered to a limited number of students residing in cities which has easy access to internet connections.

Historical Development

On the 4th of September 1984, President Soeharto on television inaugurated Universitas Terbuka as the 45th public university and the only higher education institution using distance education system. This was followed by an inaugural lecture presented by a prominent Indonesian economist, Professor Sumitro Djojohadikusumo. The following day, the Minister of Education and Culture appointed the Rektor, Professor Setijadi.

Organizational Structure

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Instructional System

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School of Studies/Faculties

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Learning Support Network

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Academic Programmes

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Enrolment and Success

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Administration and Governance

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Finance and Budget

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Extension Activities

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International Reach

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Acheivements and Highlights

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External Links

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[1] http://www.ut.ac.id/ Official Homepage of Universitas terbuka