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Using a collaborative approach, Uganda teachers can create and shape the digital horizon

The digital horizon needs to be developed:

  • By teachers for teachers
  • In a manner that is open to scrutiny - using Wikieducator
  • With clear goals for teaching benefits
  • With clear goals for learning outcomes
  • Learning from global exemplars of best practice - from developed and developing nations
  • With an holistic overview
  • To allow for the varying needs of school, teacher and students
  • Being innovative and creative
  • With guidance from industry experts and Ministry of Education as required


We are increasingly consious of the fact that our digital needs are exponentially growing while the sources of funds are becoming more and more scarce and acutely limited,hence we seek to pursue paths that will ensure we keep within our means while geting the best from technology and OERs.For this reason use of open source tools are greatly encouraged.



We intend to continously do research so that we have up to date data to make informed decisions Technology use in Uganda schools is gaining momentum. To fuel this growth, educators need data. With your help, we can present the real-world picture of 'what works' to others to help them avoid pitfalls and be successful.You understand the power of technology to transform. We need your help so everyone else will.

We are conducting a national survey to analyze what’s working in technology-transformed schools in our country and to show how technology can save money when properly implemented.


Social Networking

Our vision is a result of the realisation that the 21st Century learner is an invironment far different from all his/her predecessors,characterised and built by rapidily changing technology that effectively shakes the very foundation of traditional learning theories. One of the big drivers in this environmets are social networks,hence.......more to come