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Treatment literacy and community preparedness are subcomponents of broader treatment education as defined by UNESCO and WHO:

“Treatment education encourages people to know their HIV status, explains how to get access to treatment, offers information on drug regimens, offers support and ideas for adhering to treatment and helping others to do so, emphasises the importance of maintaining protective behaviours and healthy living, and suggests strategies for overcoming stigma and discrimination and gender inequality" (UNESCO/WHO, 2005)

Treatment education is not only the responsibility of the health sector, and should also include other sectors such as education, as education institutions often can reach further into communities around the world (UNAIDS Inter Agency Task Team on Education, 2006).

Treatment literacy means people, both individually and in communities, understand what HIV drugs are, why they are needed and what they can and cannot do. Treatment literacy translates medical information about Antiretroviral Treatment (ART) into languages and formats that are accessible for everyone.