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Effects of lack of treatment literacy

Organisations advocating and campaigning to ensure universal access to ART, such as the Treatment Action Campaign, International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (IPTC), and UNAIDS describe the treatment literacy programming as inadequate and advocate for increased resources.

In a 2006 report of a six country survey, ITPC said:

“ART awareness campaigns are often passive, uncoordinated, inappropriate, irregular and ineffective… and appear to have little effect on eliminating misinformation among both HIV positive and HIV negative people about the disease or ART” (ITPC, 2006).

The impact of misinformation and myths on the success of ART programmes can be devastating if the drugs are distributed to the population without any education.

  • There are many cases where people observe side effects of drugs in friends, family members and colleagues and are fearful of ART.

  • Lack of communication and information can lead to increased stigma and discrimination

  • Misinformation can also contribute to a lack of adherence to ART.