Traveling Consultant

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Traveling Consultant
Convenor: Heinz Kabutz

Kirk, Ben, Marc, Dimitry, Rickard, Tasos ...


We discussed the typical issues faced by consultants who spend a lot of time on the road, such as fatigue, dealing with difficult clients, managing family and friends.


Drink lots of water on the flights. Don't drink alcohol and don't eat flight food. Stay in the same time zone as at home (so go to sleep very early). Short trips are easier than long ones.

Managing friends and family is tricky - there are always demands on our time and we should put our family time in the calendar. At the start of the year, we schedule all the holidays of the children, birthdays, school plays, etc.

When doing a consulting gig, make sure that you have a sponsor who will take you around and let you meet all the right people. Set your rate high enough that you get taken care of properly.

If you want to leave a project, work out the next budget to exclude you.

For equipment, whenever possible travel with spares of everything. Make a bootable mirror backup of your disk with, e.g. Superduper.

Carry copies of your passport and all credit cards. Carry cash hidden in secret places.

Further ideas available in our mindmap: