Travel and Tourism Research and Work Based Project/Activities/Presentation

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Image courtesy of Phineas-H


To enhance students ability to present research outcomes using visual and effective communication tools


Present the outcomes of your research, workbased case study.


This task is worth 15% of your total mark for this course. Your presentation should be 20 minutes long(minimum, no longer than 25 minutes) and consist of visual examples. There will be questions at the end.

You will be required to present your case study to an audience comprising of:

  • your work supervisor
  • your academic coordinator
  • staff from the College of Enterprise and Development
  • senior management staff from Otago Polytechnic

This presentation must include a summary of the information you have gathered and researched on the organisation where you have completed your work placement. It should also include any statistical or graphic information.

Supporting Resources

  • Organisation you are working in
  • Study notes
  • Example of past presentation