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eXe Authoring project

eXe Training Resources

This page has been designed to allow eXe users to contribute to the development of materials for self-paced distance learning for eXe.

Inventory of existing training materials

  1. Online manual
  2. Wintec training resources
  3. Materials prepared for different workshops and presentations.
  4. Screencasts
  5. Flickr How-Tos
  6. eXe Blog contains many tricks and tips.
  7. Creating a learning object with eXeLearning XHTML editor - in English and German.
  8. IGCSE Computing training resources (broken) - aimed at the beginner and including some pedagogical aspects of online instructional design (guest login)
  9. Creating custom iDevices in Python
  10. Example iDevices

Definition of possible learning outcomes for the eXe newbie

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For those new to eXe you wil be able to learn about how
  • to access elearning objects for inclusion in eXe content
  • to scrape content from open content sites like wiki
  • how SCORM makes eXe an interoperable platform

A learning design concept

Based on a resource-based learning approach which could be delivered in a variety of formats - eg f-t-f workshop, onlince virtual workshop using an LMS, self instructional resources (like the Open Office training materials.)