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Diploma in Applied Travel and Tourism

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Presentations: Chanelle and ??

Destination Iceland Jungle drum

Go through first section of wiki:


Destination marketing organistations (DMO's) are comfortable with the traditional marketing/promotional methods - don't want change and to expose themselves to risk

  • Its harder to measure the success of social media promotion - its not as visable as the usual methods
  • DMO's usually well established, not so pressured to take up change as younger, newer companies
  • Limited budgets - doesn't mean they are closed to the idea of change
  • Perception that social media is for the younger traveller - newest/largest growing market - silversurfers (55+) use social media, podcasts
  • some destinations setting moving ahead - Tourism New Zealand

Getting international visitors to market your own country as a tourist destination. Or local celebrities to market to visitors. Note the dates!

Australia's national tourism website Tourism Austrailia has followed Tourism NZ in using the power of the consumer - play vidoes Project 12 and New Year

So what is your opinion on social media as the new innovative tool for marketing a destination? What about some of the other Web 2.0 tools - blogs, TripAdvisor, Lonley Planet. See if you can find several examples of social media marketing for international destinations we have not already looked at.

Look at branding today - one of 7 (p's) Physical Evidence


Wispa - branding of a product

Slideshow: Tourism Branding

Air New Zealand uniforms example of branding, colours, images, symbols

  • [1] article on branding

Activities to complete