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Diploma in Applied Travel and Tourism

Course Name: Tourist Destination

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Lesson Plan

Aim: Categories of destinations - Rural

Lecture Delivery Plan:

1. Student presentations continued: Martin, Sarah Tuffley - play the Egypt video example of a destination which encampasses Urban, Coastal and Rural tourism - can anyone think of another.

2. What is Rural Tourism? In some developing countries rural tourism is a growing economic alternative, the initial investment and barriers to entry of the market can high for struggling rural communities. Cooperation and colloboration have in some cases driven the establishment and development of initiatives. For other communities its another way to extend their tourism potential and add value to their established businesses.

Here are some examples:

In British Columbia its self-guided farm tour. Examples of Rural Tourism throughout the world Brazil, Israel, package tour, Rural Tourism in NZ, Rural tourism blog in India

3. Work your way through the wiki and then complete the activity.

Activities to complete