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Diploma in Applied Travel and Tourism

Course Name: Tourist Destination

Course Code: Cultural Tourism

Lesson Plan


Lecture Delivery Plan:

1. Presentations - anyone

Discussion around Olveston visit

  • what were your expectations
  • were you disappointed?
  • what added value
  • what were some of the diversifications being marketed - can you think of anymore?
  • Talk about products and how a destination is just a series of products whether natural or man-made
  • Multiplier effect

Tourist destinations built around a certain type of tourism

1. Cruising - destination in itself - from a NZ perspective

2. Pink tourism market - NZ as a destination

3. Wine Tourism - California, France, Australia,

4. Music - Nashville

Look at readings on course drive: Nashville, New York Punk, Abba, - split into groups get them to summarise readings and report back. Now find three music events which could a help a place, city, town, area become a tourist destination.

Supporting Resources