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Diploma in Applied Travel and Tourism

Course Name: Tourist Destination

Course Code: Cultural Tourism

Lesson Plan


Lecture Delivery Plan:

1. Presentations - Tresha, anyone else?)

Guest Speaker - Lynn - Vietnam, Cambodia

1. Go to the Noveau Tourism site and look up Cultural Tourism - follow through section

2. China second largest tourism market for NZ - Fly into Auckland for 3 or 4 nights, go to Rotorua, return to Auckland and fly out. How can we get them to the South Island and what attractions would they want to see? Is the answer a Chinese Hotel?

3. Key markets: KEY MARKETS:

Australia $1.6 billion, China $645 million, United Kingdom $415 million, United States $414 million, Japan $262 million, Germany $218 million, Korea $158 million, Canada $112 million, Singapore $107 million, Taiwan $82 million, Other $1.4 billion

4. Exercise: Find and investigate 2 national cutural tourism operations and one international cutural tourism destination (apart from Madrid). Summarise and be ready to discuss with class.

Supporting Resources