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Diploma in Applied Travel and Tourism

Course Name: Tourist Destination

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Lesson Plan


Lecture Delivery Plan:

Destination Categories and Urban and Coastal Tourism

Upcoming events - Look at course guide. Speights trip get numbers for lunch, Peninsula trip - food requirements confirm numbers. Speaker week 24 Aug Gil Abercrombie. Next assessment due 19 August. - Fact File

Recap learning so far - what makes up a destination? Life cycle of destination, multiplier effect, types of destinations e.g. centred etc each student supply NZ and international eg for each category.

Look at infrastructure reports under: In pairs - read research and report back to class. Accommodation, rail, international air, cruise, events, road, cellular.

Go to Wiki: work through section on destination categories then move onto Urban and Coastal in second half of class

Three fast facts about Sydney:

  • Australia’s oldest and biggest city
  • Gateway to Australia
  • Set on one of the world’s most stunning harbours, which extends either side in a golden chain of easy-to-reach, inner-city beaches

3. There are four major elements which make up the tourism product;

1. access to the destination or product

2. attractions at the destination

3. amenities or facilities at the destination

4. quality of service

Look at Dunedin as a destination. Each group - amenities, access, attractions, activities, connectivity, accommodation, quality of service, marketing Tour for a day, young couple, family, group young friends, tour group from China, elderly couple from USA, grandparents with grandson (5) from Australia on VFR visit, FIT backpacker, corporate traveler

Quiz Rural Tourism follow links Israel youtube, Perriam brand, Banks Peninsula walk

Example of Factfile article - St Clair

Ask students to complete second assessment Factfile activity