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Diploma in Applied Travel and Tourism

Course Name: Tourist Destination

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Lesson Plan


Lecture Delivery Plan:

Go through "Take Off" - should have been completed through the week/ask selection of students to report back

My destination for this week is:Route 66 with Billy Connelly and the newspaper article

Ask students to go through the first portion of "Destination the product" (discuss) then go through "lifecycle" slideshow - highlight any areas which need further explanation go through also look at destination link

Wednesday 3 August Discuss video - contrast Blackpool with Tobago - Where on TALC model is Tobago? Long Term Picture of Tourism - Questions show info brand Las Vegas then return to SWOT analysis - Las Vegas blog 20 May from Weaknesses onwards

Las Vegas No. 2 in USA for brand recognition behind Google [1] Brand Las Vegas

Show students material for SWOT on Iceland below;

Split into two groups and ask students to complete a SWOT

  • they can write it up on the board
  • SWOT on wiki - go through a SWOT scenario for a destination Iceland - use a matrix
  • Print out reading - Iceland profile.

SWOT - go through Iceland in class

Students can then complete a SWOT using the Mt Cook/Aoraki reading on course drive (timing)??? or focus on SWOT for tour - how different? Go through in class

  • Ask students to complete Madrid activity for next week