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Dahab, Sinai, Egypt

Image courtesy of J8085


Learning Outcome 4


Recording your favourite destination

Task 1

Choose one of the destinations that either you, fellow students or the lecturer have presented on this course. Create a posting on the Exploring Tourism blog which incorporates the following:

1. a picture

2. a link

3. a geographical description

4. a description of the destination

5. 3 activities/attractions you would like to visit there

6. different ways to get there

Remember if you want others to read your post then it must be vibrant, colourful and interesting.

Your choice must be different from the Factfile activity

Task 2

You are required to make a comment on at least two other students posts regarding what they have written. The comment needs a worthwhile statement and more than a simple "great, I want to go there"

These tasks must be completed by:

Supporting Resources

  • Exploring Tourism blog