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Learning outcome: 3

Understand and evaluate the complexity of the tourist destination as a tourism product


Different interpretations of Rural Tourism


In the reading: ATTRA - Entertainment Farming and Agri-Tourism

Desmond Jolly makes the following comment:

Diversification into … such opportunities as agricultural or educational tours, u-pick operations, farm stores, pumpkin patches, agricultural festivals, and farm stands is not a substitute for a pro family farm agenda.… However, one of my fears is that if farmers and ranchers are too tardy in their response to this emerging opportunity, theme park operators will develop simulated farms and operate them as agri-tourism attractions.

Desmond Jolly, Director Small Farm Program University of California—Davis

1. Can you explain what Desmond Jolly means by this comment - what is your opinion? (write a paragraph answering both questions?)

2. According to the reading there are three agri-tourism basics - taking these into account: Can you provide at least two New Zealand and two international examples of rural tourism which would cover these.

Periams - Run, Rabbit, Run - Reading

1. Name all the products which come from Bendigo Station?

2. Are they all tourism products? If not which are tourism and which are business/farming.

3. Do you think John Perriam has been innovative in his use of diversification? Why? Could he or should he do more? - think of the ATTRA reading.

4. Find an up to date resource which outlines what is now going on at the Perriam Farm.

Supporting Resources

  • Both readings, or links to them are on the wiki