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Image courtesy of Larry Johnson - Qatar


Learning outcomes 1-4


  • written contribution presented on the wiki
  • essay format - approximately 800 words


The final section on the wiki - Future Destinations has been left blank - and as your final assessment you will be researching the information to help complete it.


What are the tourism destinations of the future? Why will tourists want to visit them? Choose an emerging destination - your choice; backed up by evidence gathered to help answer the questions below:

1. What kind of destination is it?

2. What are its geographical features? Are they natural or man-made? What about accessibility?

3. Which of the five destinational group/s do you think it comes under and explain why?

4. Where is the destination on the life cycle model? Please demonstrate why you think this.

5. What products/services can the destination offer?

6. How is it presently marketed? Who would the target market/s be?. Does the destination have branding, a logo, website?

7. What marketing strategies would you use to attract visitors to the destination in the future?

Lastly reflect on what you have found out - ask yourself on a scale of 1-10 how successful you feel this destination will be and describe why this is so?

Supporting Resources

Provide some (at least 3) supporting resources eg. links to support what your are writing about. These need to be social media resources like the ones below:

The picture above is of Qatar and below is the wikipedia site

  • Remember to reference your work. Email to me by Thursday 15 September @ 1700