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Identify and define a tourist destination (Learning Outcome 1)

Understand the process involved with marketing a destination (Learning Outcome 4)


Create a factfile on a tourist destination


Choose an urban tourist destination and create a "Factfile" story for Escape (Sunday Star Times) using a format similar to the examples provided (supporting resources)

Your story must cover the following:

  • Summarised history of the destination/host community
  • Attractions/activities at the destination
  • Amenities available at the destination
  • Accessibility to the destination

Choose an angle (topic or way in which you want to tell the story). It could be something less commonly known about the destination, something that happened there, or just something you think would attract visitors there. You also need to make the article interesting to all readers (especially those that have been there and may want to visit again) - refer to the articles in Supporting Resources.

  • document should be at least two A4 word processed sheet - single line space
  • you are encouraged to use pictures, graphs etc - so your article looks like it could be put into a newspaper or magazine
  • email to tutor - ensuring your name is on the actual activity by Friday, August 19

Supporting Resources

  • Previous student articles on (Dunedin, Wanaka, Paris, Hanmer Springs) for you to look at - in the course folder: Diploma in Applied Travel & Tourism/Tourist Destinations