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Image courtesy of Floyd Nello


Distinguish and evaluate between different categories of destination (Learning Outcome 2)

Understand and evaluate the complexity of the tourist destination as a tourism product (Learning Outcome 3)


Coastal Tourism - how does a destination remain a place visitors want to go to


1. Read the articles in "Supporting Resources" then find another two examples of media which provide either; background to this article, supporting material, or an opposing view.

2. Place Blackpool on the Resort Life Cycle (draw or computer generate this diagram like a graph) and explain your reason for placing it where you did and where you think it is heading.

3. Identify two attractions in Blackpool which are or have been refurbished and write a paragraph about each and provide a picture

4. Can you find a New Zealand, comparison to Blackpool? How are our ideas of a beach/resort destination different from beach resorts like Blackpool? What do you think constitutes a "really great" beach resort?

Supporting Resources