Tourism Industry and Enterprises

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Kia ora and welcome to this course on Tourism Industry and Enterprises. [Add information here].


Course identifiers

SMS Code BX660111 Directed Learning hours 60 Level 6 Workplace or Practical Learning hours

Credits 15 Self Directed Learning hours 90 Prerequisites None Total Learning Hours 150

Aims Students will gain an understanding of the historical development of tourism and its future focus. Analyse its components and examine the structure of the tourism industry and the enterprises which operate in this complex business environment.


Course description

Indicative Content for this programme • The history, definition and nature of tourism • Tourism industry strategies and policies (international and national) and their role in tourism enterprise planning • The economics of tourism including positive and negative impacts. • Development of strategic investment plans – development and growth of the industry, foreign investment, investment opportunities, business

        opportunities,trade options

• Different business models used in tourism – sustainability, economic and cultural based. Research to inform strategies in conjunction with enterprise and


• Sustainable business strategies


Learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes At the successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1 Identify and analyse key tourism strategies, policies, stakeholders and enterprises 2 Analyse and evaluate the economics of tourism including positive and negative impacts 3 Identify, compare and evaluate business models associated with tourism enterprises. 4 Discuss tourism enterprise operations and evaluate strategies to enhance sustainable growth.