To ORM or not to ORM

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To ORM or not to ORM
Convenor: Rickard Öberg, Álvaro Hernández, Kirk

Andreas, Steffen, Rabea, Jesper, Alex, Tasos,Giannis Skitsas, ...



  • Álvaro made a presentation and all agreed that ORMs are not practical for large scale applications.
  • He proposed a ROM (Relational-Object-Mapper, generate user model from the database) instead of an ORM
  • Kirk and Rickard disagreed
  • Rickard proposed the paradigm "Use the right tool for the right job"
  • He recommended to use a key-value store for storing blobs in a database, a separate indexing component (Lucene etc.) and a component for reporting
  • Transactions are not needed, because the object is the aggregate
  • a event queue (event sourcing) is implemented to synchronize the components and recover in case of an error

Use the Right Tool for the Right Job

  • Rickard proposes an alternative approach for storing, managing and creating reports based on the data managed by services.
  • The key to this approach is to use the right tool for the job.

Notes and Resources

Anyone took photos of the drawings? Please add...

Note. The above diagram needs review. Should we also maybe listen to the voice recording and put together smth. like a summary from that?

Partial voice recording is available here.

Bibliography: Domain Driven Design by Eric Evans

--Alex.carstea 22:59, 5 September 2011 (CEST)