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The attribution statement under the wp "Copyright" text doesn't seem right to me:

"This article is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. It uses material from the article "Copyright" Retrieved 2 November 2010"

First, I don't see the text in the box as being an "article". It's a quote from an article. I realize that the text comes from a template. Might this be an issue for other uses of the template?

Second, I'm wondering about the license conflict: wp is CC-BY-SA, while I believe this content is CC-BY. I'm not sure if this is OK or not, so I figured I'd note it here.


ASnieckus (talk)16:29, 30 December 2010

Hi Alison,

Well spotted -- I will need to adapt the wording of the template. In the majority of cases the template is used for an extract of an article -- but I guess we should also cater for a full article scenario. I'll take a look at the template and fix this.

A quotation like this would qualify as fair usage. Its properly attributed and clearly states the license. Technically we could also use all-rights reserved citations within a CC-BY text under the provisions of fair usage / dealing.

So in this scenario -- there is not a license conflict and we're OK.

Thanks for asking.


Mackiwg (talk)17:09, 30 December 2010


Thanks for the explanation.

Just a heads up, I made one further change to the template so that the second part of the citation is a full sentence.


ASnieckus (talk)12:21, 12 January 2011

Thanks Alison,

Much better now.


Mackiwg (talk)13:06, 12 January 2011