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I revised the definition of workgroup, revised even from my earlier suggestion in an effort to clearly define the narrow sense of the word in this instance. Am suggesting changing Workgroup Types to something else to avoid the delineation problem. It may be that the process differs for community-established and Council-established WGs, and we'll need to reinstate types. But thought it's worth considering Workgroup as one thing to start. I titled the revised section Establishing WE Workgroups...for now. Needs more thought on what else is required to make a workgroup.

ASnieckus (talk)15:23, 4 June 2009

Hi Alison,

I like the revised definition -- it works for me and is clear.

The concept of "Official WikiEducator Workgroup" is a workable concept -- I thought of the alternative of using "Sanctioned Workgroup", but it doesn't seem to fit the spirit of open communities.

One option to clarify this further is to add a definition for "Official WE Workgroup" as a Workgroup instituted and opertating under these policy guidelines -- I'll add this in the definitions. We can always modify and/or remove if necessary.

Changing workgroup "types" will also help delineate the problem. Let me think ....

Mackiwg (talk)15:44, 4 June 2009

OK -- with the addition of the "Official WE WG" definition -- we can now substitute each instance in the policy refering to an Official workgroup with the concept of "Official WikiEducator Workgroup" -- if you know what I mean :-)

Mackiwg (talk)15:49, 4 June 2009

I'll try out replacing with "Official WikiEducator Workgroup."

I do have one reservation --Official WikiEducator Workgroup is quite a long name. I wonder if it'd be easier for us if we defined the capital-W version of Workgroup to be the Official WikiEducator Workgroup, for the purposes of these policy guidelines.

Agree that we can reconsider later, time to move on.

ASnieckus (talk)12:57, 5 June 2009